D.A. Miles & Sons | Stonemasonry & Building Contractors | Limited Company | Established 1979


As master stonemasons we are fully trained in natural and modern techniques using both traditional tools and state of the art equipment. From small scale jobs to large project managed programs, we have the necessary skills and knowledge to make the job a success.

Worked and Cut Masonry Supplied. Huge range of options, materials and finishes available.

Worked and Cut Masonry

We are suppliers of worked and cut masonry to churches, colleges and private clients. We are able to supply a vast range of materials and finishes to suit all projects and budgets.

Stone carving and lettering. Modern techniques from our skilled master craftsmen.

Stone Carving and Lettering

Our stonemasons are experts in producing hand carved stone masonry and are able to replicate virtually any detail required. We also employ modern techniques to give the best possible results on a wide selection of responsibly sourced materials.

Dry stone walling usual traditional stone without the use of any mortar. Expertly built to last for years to come.

Dry Stone Walling

Dry Walling is the art of building a wall using traditional stone, but without the use of any mortar. Stones are expertly selected and layered to create a solid structure that will last for years to come. We are able to offer both dressed and semi dressed Dry Stone Walling, which is perfect for garden walls, entrances and property boundarys.

Wet Stone Walling from our skilled, experienced team.

Wet Stone Walling

Wet Walling (sometimes known as Mortared Walling) is the construction of traditional stone walls, held together with mortar. As the stones are not a uniform size (like brickwork) this gives a more natural look and feel. There is a huge choice of materials available and the wall can also be pointed in a number of different styles, making it perfect for a feature wall.

Lime mortar pointing. Softer and more porous than cement alternatives allowing moisture to evaporate.

Lime Mortar Pointing

Traditional Lime Mortar Pointing offers a host of benefits over modern cement. Lime mortar is softer and more porous than cement based alternatives, allowing moisture to evaporate through the mortar rather than through the stonework. Moisture doesn't build up as a result which prevents any corrosive salts forming and causing erosion of the stone.